Tanwar (1979) mentioned the low school reputation and the higher rate of intense inferiority complex. Surely, the school prestige caused much confusion in Hong Kong education already. Most parents would like to have their children educated in famous schools, because some of them thought that the students from famous schools would have better prospect in taking senior education or employment, or be beneficial in taking public examinations. Therefore, some people would queue for the entrance application forms once the famous schools started recruitment and seek for the past examination papers of the entrance examination of these schools for their own revision. But, some other people condemned the famous schools for conducting the entrance examinations to assure their dominance in selecting better students. This caused the complicated procedure in places allocations of students to junior Secondary (Middle) Schools, senior Secondary (Middle) Schools, and even to the primary schools. This brought to the birth of the Aptitude Test of Primary 6 students, and the Scaling Test of For (Middle) 3 students. Even most educators suggested to eliminate these tests, it seemed impossible to have some other means for replacement. But as a matter f fact, nobody knew what the actual benefit was, and how the students were affected, if they were educated in the famous schools. What the actual benefit was could be proved by the facts only, but how the students were affected by the school prestige cold be realized in this study.

--- End of "The Prestige of Schools" ---