This was the study on the difference in self concept among sexes, school prestige, instruction media, and grades of Hong Kong Secondary School students. A tool, developed in the format of the Tennessee Self Concept Scale was mixed with ten self-constructed items, was used for measuring the self concept, the perceived school prestige, the sense of superiority for the kind of instruction media, and the sense of superiority in taking further studies and future employments.

4 schools and 795 students gave help in this study.

The difference between boys and girls, between the student groups from the schools of higher and lower prestige, and between schools of different instruction media were measured.

The following were found in the study.

(1)The whole personality of girls is more stable than boys.
(2)Girls had higher self identity.
(3)The self identity of boys were decreasing in the process of growth, but that of girls were increasing.
(4)In secondary schools, girls had higher self satisfaction.
(5)In most schools, the sense of self satisfaction in physical self was closely related to the sense of superiority.
(6)Girls perceived a higher moral-ethical self than boys did.
(7)Girls denied the negative attributes of personal self, but boys did affirm them.
(8)Boys had stronger perception in the school prestige than girls.
(9)Boys had stronger superiority for their school instruction medium in Chinese Middle Schools.
(10)Students in higher prestigious schools had higher self conept scores.
(11)The perceived school prestige could promote the growth of the self concept of the students.
(12)The self concept of students in Chinese Middle Schools were higher at lower Forms, but that of students in Anglo-Chinese Secondary Schools became higher at higher Forms.

The following suggestions were made :

(1)To make more schools trustworthy.
(2)To improve school administration and teachers' enthusiasm.
(3)To use chinese as the instruction medium in order to raise the self concept of students.
(4)To remove social suppression from students receiving instruction in chinese language.

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