What is A Living thing H

Living things are objects on the planet Earth. Living things have the following characteristics.

(1)NutritionThis is the processes that living things can absorb energy or energy-containing materials for the elaboration of their living phenomenon.
(2)RespirationThis is the process in which living things release energy from energy-rich compounds inside their bodies in order to make uses of this energy to show their living phenomena.
(3)MetabolismThis is the processes in which living things can replace the old and worn material or body parts with freshy produced ones in order to keep their body operated in the best situation.
(4)ExcretionThis is the phenomenon that living things would release the harmful debris from their bodies. These harmful debris are once the parts of the useful materials.
(5)GrowthThis is the phenomenon that livng things can become bigger and bigger as they absorb materials into their bodies. At the same time, their bodies would become more complicated.
(6)IrritabilityThis is the phenomenon that living things can know the change in environment and give responses to the environment in order to keep them alive under the most favourable environment.
(7)MovementThis is the phenomenon that living things can move around in response to the environmental factors. This can increase their chances of survival.
(8)ReproductionThis is the phenomenon that living things can produce some individuals with higher vitality in order to replace them and continue their existence as they are losing vitality.
(9)InheritanceThis is the phenomenon that the individuals produced resemble themselves, or the characteristics of living things can be brought to their descendents.
(10)DeathThis is the phenomenon that living things would stop their living phenomenon after a period of living.